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Full text of "To The Lighthouse"

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" Well, we must wait for the future to show/*
said Mr. Bankes, coming in from the terrace.

" It's almost too dark to see/' said Andrew,
coming up from the beach,

" One can hardly tell which is the sea and
which is the land/' said Prae.

" Do we leave that light burning? J> said Lily
as they took their coats off indoors.

" No/' said Prae, " not if everyone's in."

" Andrew/' she called back, "just put out the
light in the hall."

One by one the lamps were all extinguished,
except that Mr. Carmichael, who liked to lie
awake a little reading Virgil, kept his candle
burning rather longer than the rest.

So with the lamps all put out, the moon sunk,
and a thin rain drumming on the roof a down-
pouring of immense darkness began. Nothing, it